Vimana Composite V2 Bindings Black

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Our new and upgraded PowerHouse

Built from the toughest composite urethane and premium fibers makes this binding close to unbreakable.

Enhanced edge to edge precision without interfering with the boards natural flex.
Slimmed down toecap and all redone team healstrap to lock you in place.

Mini mounting disc to fit any inserts.


Locked and loaded. Every movement we made the binding caught up. Bullet proof, rigid when needed but we were able to tweak every move. Light and efficient. We love that they are no frills just made witht he best materials. No stretch, no loss of power, no lag! 



Full composite. Fibres all the way!


Power Base Gives you massive edge to edge power. 100% board control. 

Team straps Molded straps. Hugs your foot and eliminates pressure points. 

Composite Triax Urethane One of the toughest materials on the planet. Close to unbreakable.

Aero-grade Alloy buckles Lifetime warranty 

Minidisc Multifit  Fits all mounting systems.

Vegan We dont use animal products in our gear.



S 34-39 M 38-43 L 42-47