Workshop Tools

Look after & tune your skis and snowboards for peak performance in all snow conditions as well as extending the life with correct maintenance. 

Here is a simple guide to the basics of tuning and maintenance.  

  • Repairs - Your gear will get scratches, dings and holes from time to time (all part of skiing) to protect them from being damaged by water we repair the base material with P-Tex a type of thermal polyethylene. The P-tex is heated and applied to the damaged area and once cool it is then scraped off with a Metal Scraper.
  • Base Bevel/Clean - This is to remove burring that can occur and is usually done with a gummy stone. The base bevel angle should have been set at the beginning of the season. please see us for that service.
  • Edge Tuning - The edge of the ski is what allows you to turn and stop, so it is important to look after them and give them a touch up after skiing. This is where a angle is put in using a Edge File Guide followed by a Diamond Stone to clean and polish the edge.
  • Base Clean - This step is very important, having a clean base before waxing means you won't be mixing dirt particles in with your wax and damaging the base material as well as effecting performance. We recommend a isopropyl alcohol to remove all the dirt and particles before waxing.
  • Wax - Unless you're competing we would recommend a general use all temperature wax. Preferably a plant-based one if you can help it. Using either a waxing iron or a heavy flat bottomed cast type iron. Drip the wax along the base in a back and forth or circular motion. DO NOT LEAVE IRON IN ONE PLACE! It will damage the base. Move from one end to the other and stop once it is nice and warm to the touch on the other side. Leave to cool for at least 30mins.
  • Scraping - Using the Plastic Scraper scrap the excess wax from the base in a smooth push or pull movement. A work stand is highly recommended, we us the KUU Vise President work stand.
  • Brushing - Once all the visible wax has been removed and you are left with a smooth base surface, brush in the direction of travel from nose to tail. start with the brass brush, then nylon brush and finally the horse hair brush to polish the base. 
  • Storage - During the summer months we recommend a layer of storage wax be applied to the skis to stop the base material from drying out and losing its performance.