Kid's Ski Helmets

Save Your Brain! Here at X-Ten we value your brain more than anything else in your kit. Let us talk you through helmet tech, your needs and which helmet may be best for you.

A couple of questions people ask in regards to helmets:

1. Can the helmet be used for biking?
- Yes & No. YES: all bern helmets are certified for bike, snow-sports and skating. Just buy one of the summer liners to make this helmet all season. NO: all other bike helmets are not made for snow and in cold climates can shatter. They are also consturcted with protection on different parts of the head. Not certified, not safe.
2. MIPS v Non-MIPS?
- Multi-directional Impact Protection System is a membrane built into the helmet to reduce the rotational force on the head and neck. As we slide when falling when skiing or boarding, this technology is cruicial.

3. In-moulded v 2-Piece?
- In-moulded is where the shell and liner are made together. These helmets are lighter and disperse the impact effectively. Less durable than 2-piece helmets.
- 2 Piece helmets are where the shell is made, the liners is made & they are put together. Heavier & disperse the impact less, however more durable than in-moulded.