Men's Ski Boots

Your boot is the key to unlocking your skiing success. It should be built around your biomechanics, not your ability. A well fitting boot will give you the support, stability and comfort to tackle all terrain and snow conditions. It is important to make sure your knee drive is correct to allow your hip to sit correctly. 

Here at X-Ten Snow we provide a full boot fitting service.
  • First we get the correct shell size;
  • Second we get your  foot stable through an orthotic* (a moulded footbed)
  • Next we fit the liner;
  • Once completed we can then mould the liner and the shell to give you the required control, stability and comfort;
  • The final step is fitting the flex, cuff angle and buckle potition to your biomechanics.
It may take a couple of sessions to get the boot right, all footbeds*, moulding and after sale changes and sessions are all included in the retail price, no hidden extra costs.

* Footbeds are provided free of charge in the Ultralight R3(W) ranges only.