Kid's Skis

We are a family run store who cares about your family. Over the past 12 seasons we have watched toddlers grow into kids, into teens and into adults. We are invested in the gorwth and success of your family. It is a day out, it should be as easy as possible. Good qaulity gear is key to that.

Junior Skis: We also look to source the best in junior skis. From our Bamboo Liberty to our full woodcore Sporten Skis. Why does this matter? Our kids are light, but they rip and they progress. Foam-core skis just don't have the torsional stiffness for our firm, steep and icey conditions. Plus they don't have the rebound and pop to make progression easier and more fun. Plus our twiptip range will see your kid skiing all over the mountain, we even have junior national age group champs on them. With the added bonus of usually staying in them a season longer.