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 Among the lightest high-performance alpine bindings on the market, the Tyrolia Attack² GW Ski Bindings have been upgraded with a new 77 mm anti-friction device to enable use with both traditional ISO 5355 alpine soles and the new, high traction GripWalk soles. The outstanding energy transmission and performance-to-weight ration of the Attack² hasn't changed, so mount 'em up, head 'em out, and get set to charge. 



The choice for all our staff, light, strong and limiteless. The toe piece is wider and more locked in than most bindings we try. That gives us more direct pressure on the sidewall and better control through the turn or pivot movements in the park an off-piste. But the Heel-piece is the real gem. Having a wide, strong two-piece heel piece gives downward pressure and forward drive when the ski flexes. When a one piece heel-piece is used with a laterally mounted front spring like the Marker bindings you get downfard pressure, but step out of the binding as there is nothing driving the heel and toe-together as the disance of the bindings increases as the ski flexes. Thes bindings are also fully indestructable.


WEIGHT - 1035g per binding



FR PRO² Toe with Metal AFD  A new toe construction extends the possibilities of all mountain skiing. This new standard toe construction in the AAAttack² line is compatible with Alpine and GripWalk ski boots. The super secure 77mm metal Anti Friction Device – AFD Metal – can be adjusted to Alpine Boots (Type A ISO 5355) and GripWalk Boots.



NX FR Heel – New 3-piece heel for easy step in and step out. Better stability and power transmission.



Stand Height  17 mm

Recommended Skier Weight  42kg / 92 lbs +

GripWalk Outsole Compatible