Majesty Vandal 3.0

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Vandal 3.0 gives you the feel of wood core, versatility, soft flex and enhanced carve abilities. They are wide, true twin tips with extra sidecut. Re-designed hybrid construction featuring new camber-rocker line and tip&tails profiles. While camber supports edge-hold, control and cushions the impact of flat landings, rocker improves the float and allows for an effortless all-terrain ride even in deeper snow. Buttering and pillows shredding have never been easier. Imagine mountains as a natural snow park.



A stalewart of the X-Ten Lineup. This has been a killer park and freeride ski for us. It has won the Northface Freeski Open under the feet of Blake Marshall from NZ, and has had many awesome results in Big-Mountain and Park comps under the feet of our riders. We have found this truly versatile ski has been well balanced in the park and as at home in the soft stuff, the cruddy stuff and the icey stuff. The biggest thing for us being park riders aswell as freeskiers is that it can take a whole lot of punishment. No park ski is indestructable, but this one has served us the longest time after time. So if you are looking to up your playtime, smash the park or take your big-mountain to the next level the Vandal is a Kiwi favourite.


WEIGHT - 1390-1860g




160cm 130-92-130mm 16m 1390g
165cm 130-92-130mm 17m 1480g
169cm 130-92-130mm 18m 1535g
175cm 130-92-130mm 19m 1620g
180cm 130-92-130mm 20m 1860g

profile hybrid (camber / rocker)
shape directional
flex directional
flex ratio 6
fiberglass triax
core tip-to-tail wood core (poplar and ash) with carbonfibre
base fast base IS7200
extras brushed durable top sheet


At X-TEN we partner with brands that are not only taking but putting back. We strongly believe it is absolutely crucial to match trees with the environment they are to grow in. All the trees are planted in designated nature reserve areas, in line with existing forestry regulations. These regulations determine what kind of trees we can plant and where. To make Majesty skis only two kinds of wood are used – poplar and ash. To produce a pair of Majesty skis, usually 0.09 m3 of carefully selected wood of high quality is needed. This means a lot of pairs of skis can be produced from only one tree. We wanted our action to be clear and easy to understand. That is why with every Majesty Ski sold a ree is planted. As a ski-manufacturing company, Majesty cannot emphasize enough that Majesty skis’ cores are made tip to tail of wood. To achieve that perfect flex and extreme durability of our skis, we use ash and poplar FSC certified wood cores of best quality.