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Sick and tired of having to buy new boots every year? Well no longer! The Chameleon is 6 sizes in one. With a cabrio design taken from the adult like these boots are great for riders of all abilities.

Shell: Growing through the widest point just take two pins out, stretch the boot and get the next 2 sizes. In 1 to 2 seasons do the same thing again, and you will have had 6 sizes in one shell.

Liner: With a Neoprene toe at the widest point these boots will stretch with your junior and keep their toes warm and dry. They will just go back to their original position if you want to pass the boots on to the next kid down. 

Team Rider: Sam Moffatt Charging to Victory on the Roxa Chameleon


These boots have been part of lineup for 9 seasons now. We are the original Roxa Specialists! In 9 years we have only had 2 warranties. These boots will take a beating. So far there has not been a foot they haven't fitted. And with their power tongue like, like the adults, there hasn't been a rider that has found their limit.. We have put these on our day one riders right up to our academy riders; we have had a couple of age group national champions in the boot. Not to be underestimated.

East to fit, easy to adjust and our kids find them indredibly easy to put on as the toungue opens up fully. This means less time helping your kids and more time skiing! These boots are absolute magic!  

SIze Range 18.0-22.0



Last 102

3 Piece Cabrio (like the adult boots)



Roxa created a boot liner to be able to follow our kids throughout their growth phases. The special tip in stretchable neoprene naturally follows the morphology of the foot, thus adapting to different sizes and eliminating any pressure points thanks to the softness of the material. Moreover it ensures excellent insulation against the elements.