Majesty Force C Limited Edition

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The Force goggle features innovative magnetic technology that makes lens replacement incredibly fast and accurate.



We love the super wide field of vision these goggles offer! The design is sleek and minimal and the lens change system couldn't be easier.

With 18 powerful magnets placed in the frame, it is simply a matter of pealing off one lens and popping on the new lens. It doesn't matter if it is not aligned properly as the lens will self-align. 


  • Ergonomic frame design (pre-pressed for extra comfort)

  • Double cylindrical mirror lens placed in a nano-frame + extra cylindrical lens with a nano-frame for bad weather conditions

  • 9 connection points, 18 magnets (placed in frame and lens)

  • Seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal

  • Wide field of view, both horizontal and vertical

  • Triple density foam (including mesh finishing)

  • Anti-fog and anti-smudge coating

  • Frame ventilated system at the top and bottom of goggles

  • 100% UV Protection