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High performance, Ultra-light weight, low profile and the perfect fit. A favourite helmet among the female athletes, the Lyric X masters all conditions & looks great doing it. Now with MIPS® !

Developed with female athlete input and focused on performance and safety. The Lyric X is a low profile, light weight helmet with great ventilation. it combines in-mould construction for durability and protection. Audio ready featuring detachable ear covers.



This is our best selling helmet here at X-Ten. Super lightweight, very comfortable and we have found it fits with most goggles. It has a comfortable liner and a unbreakable venting system. It comes in a range of great colours. MIPS* adds an extra layer of protection against impacts. 



  • SHELL: Ultra-lightweight in-mould ACT** 

  • LINER: Blended wool fleece liner

  • FIT SYSTEM: RCS*** easy to operate dial system 


  • Audio ready with detachable ear covers




* What is MIPS technology?

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Called a slip plane, the interior layer, allows for 10-15 mm of rotational movement between the head and the helmet in the critical 10-15 milliseconds after an oblique impact. This reduces the rotational forces exerted on the brain during impact and, presumably, reduces brain injury relative to the same helmet without MIPS.

 It turns out the brain is great at handling linear impacts, a straight shot to the skull, but very bad at handling oblique impacts which create rotational strain. It’s why an uppercut knocks a boxer out, but a direct punch to the face just breaks a nose. Most accidents skiing, kayaking or cycling induce rotational forces on the brain, not linear. Helmets and test standards were designed to deal with linear impact.

** ACT Advanced Composite Technology



*** RCS Fit System