Drake Supersport

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A brand new Supersport coming your way! Better than ever with its Lightsaber baseplate we have changed the system to make your heelcup more secure but just as adjustable. To explain it better, it’s a system which allows you to lock and secure the base to the heelcup by having three anchor points. This keeps

the heelcup stable and safe. Your heel ain’t going anywhere! The Composite hi- ghback is designed for any type of calf, it really is suitable for anyone. Strapping in has never been so easier with the comfy Grandmaster Strap and you’ll be sure to have no pressure points. This binding is a true keeper.



Responsive is the name of the game for the Supersport. Frankly we couldn't find any weakness or inefficiencies in this binding.




  • Delta Light Baseplate - Highest quality aluminum with nylon reinforcement, reduced weight, EVA dampening pad, fully customizable for superior fit
  • Light Frame Highback - Full frame highback benefits without the added weight, perfect mix of torsional flex and responsiveness, increased control and support
  • Premium MFC Ankle Strap - combines comfort, response and flex, internal padding allow extra flex and cohesion with the boot and binding
  • Mg12 Magnesium Buckles - The quickest and most efficient ratchet in the market
  • Natural Cant - Low density cushioning rebound heel absorber that reduces vibrations and pounding during landings



    • Composite Delta Light frame

    • Standard 4 hole configuration

    • Premium MFC Ankle straps

    • Magnesium Buckles

    • Stiffness 6/10