KUU Diamond Stone Fine

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*Pre-Order Arriving In April 2021

Out of Toronto Canada comes some of the most well designed, well thought out, user friendly tools. We use KUU in our own workshop right here in Christchurch, we are sure you will love their tools too.

The diamonds are super-fused to the plate to give you the ultimate long lasting diamond stone. They will stay true and will not groove as other stones do and can be used Dry or with Water. Optimal usage for the KUU Diamond Stones is after filing edges for final finishing.



A must have item for all riders, can be used anywhere, anytime whether its in the workshop or up the mountain. The stone can be used for a quick de-tuning, de-burring and removal of work-hardened edge material. Keeps your edges sharp for maximum grip on those icy days.



Weight: 30g

Material: Diamond fused to plastic board