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From Deep in the Southern Alps of New Zealand Comes these luxury goggles with the styling and functionality that is synonomous with A.Lawrence 


The Mini G Goggle, was the second goggle off the rank at A.Lawrence. A smaller version of the OG for the more petite adult or teen. Getting frustrated with goggles with limited field of vision, cheap foam and the changing light of living on a skinny island in the pacific, the OG was designed to overcome all those elements.


Magnetic Lenses, mean an easy change of lenses, Soft TPU frame to cope with cold temperatures and wind chill, UV 400 countour tech to keep your eyes safe, relaxed and enhance countours on our Flat Light NZ Days, Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch lenses all comined with a comfort fit designed to fit seamlessley with helmets combine to make the perfect friend for you eyes.


Also comes with a second low light lens and hard case as standard.


Vision is the most important part of skiing and snowboarding, we can't ride what we can't see, so treat yourself to a pair of these A.Lawrence beauties.


Note: The Mini G is a Smaller fit goggle. If you would like a larger fit choose The OG.



This is probably our all time favourite goggle to grace our shelves. We have been impressed with the massive field of vision, combined with the ability to cope with NZs ever changing light and suuuuper comfy triple layer foam this is our staff favourite. We can't rave enough about these goggles. Just wish we could get more. 

Note: A.Lawrence only do a very very limited run each season so get in quick if you see them instore.



  • TPU Soft frame for a variety of temperatures

  • Double Layer Cylinddrical Magentic lens for easy change

  • Silicon laced strap for grip on your helmet

  • Extra wide field of view both horizontal and vertical

  • Triple layer foam for extra comfort

  • Seamless helmet integration and fit

  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating (not bullet proof)

  • Frame ventilated system at the top and bottom of goggles

  • 400 UV Protection with Contour tech for flat light

  • Comes with hard case for ultimate transport protection