Majesty Hybrid Skin

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A new benchmark for climbing skins. Our hybrid skins made by Contour in Austria are perfect for extensive and demanding ski touring adventures. The unique hybrid adhesive consists of two different layers of technical glue which provide both a perfect bond between the glue and the back of the skin as well as perfect tack to the ski base, preventing snow from entering between the ski and skin.



These Hybrid skins are a game changer! No more messing around with smelly old glue. The hybrid technology allows the skins to be rinsed with soapy warm water when they get dirty and they're good to go again once it drys out. Theres no residue on the bases when removing them during transition. 


The Hybrid is the first adhesive for climbing skins that is composed of two layers. The first one holds the skin firmly and securely in place even at low temperatures while it can be effortlessly pulled off and no residues remain on the ski. The second layer joins the adhesive layer and the skin itself.  The result: 



  • Perfect adhesion to the ski even at low temperatures.
  • Effortless removal from the ski.
  • Low maintenance – the adhesive does not have to be re-glued.
  • Easy handling - does not need foil backing on glue side.
  • Made by Contour 



    • plush: 70% mohair blend
    • tip attachment: re-designed top fixture with solid wire buckle
    • tail attachment: adjustable strap with tail clip