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The popular Baker design, now available in a Team Fit. Team Fit helmets are single-sized and made with die-cut fit pads and removable ear pads to keep cost down, value up and versatility in all conditions. The Team Baker is sure to be a hit with budget-conscious riders needing a simple helmet that offers great protection and style at a lower cost.




For the rider who wants a no nonsense helmet at a sharp price. Everything you need and nothing you don't.


440 grams/ABS/EPS


  • Super soft removable liner

  • ALL SEASON: Pick the model that best fits your style and customise your helmet with our range of seasonal upgrades




*What is EPS?

EPS is lightweight, effective across a wide range of temperatures and conditions and highly effective at reducing the amount of energy transferred to your head during an impact. EPS accomplishes that energy reduction by collapsing during the impact, converting some of the energy into heat and slowing the transmission of energy. A key advantage of EPS is the reliability of the moulded part to deal with impact energy over a wide range of conditions

*What is ABS?

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a thermoplastic that is widely used in helmets. From a performance standpoint, ABS has high impact resistance, functions well in cold weather and is, simply put, tough and durable.