Snow Xchange

A unique family run snow sport store with new & used gear

We strive to provide the best gear, the best service, and the best advice at the best price.

New Season Gear

We love ski gear! Each year we scour the globe hunting down the best gear, riding it, wearing and pulling it apart so you don’t have to. We travel to the US and to Europe, meeting with all our brands so we have the best understanding of what gear is right for you and to make sure we are at the cutting edge of technology. There is no point in upgrading or buying new gear unless it’s going to give you some advantage.

You’ll find products in our store you won’t find in any other store in the country, such as Liberty, Sporten and Kästle Skis, Roxa Ski Boots, Lightboard Corp Clothing and Melon Optics, as well as a few favourites like Giro helmets, Schwinn bikes, Platino surfboards and Cruz Roofracks. We ride all of the gear we have in store, so we know our gear better than anyone. There is nothing better than working with you to find the right equipment and then hearing your stories from the mountain.

Secondhand Stock

Wanting to get into snow sports, but sick of the hassle and cost of rental gear? Needing to upgrade your gear, or kit your family our for the season?

We have an amazing range of kid’s second hand gear and a very small selection in adults. We price bracket the gear, and we’re not brand loyal; we believe in providing you with professional advice regardless of whether or not what you’re buying from us is new or used.

Our second hand stock is sold on behalf of our customers, and we take a 25% commission.

Please note that we are now only taking certain stock in certain sizes in adult gear.


Buy gear from us (adult or junior snowboard, skis or boots), use it for the season, and then bring it back the next season when it is time to upgrade or upsize. You now have gear that is worth something, something you Xchange.  If it is in similar condition to when you purchased the gear you have two options.

OPTION ONE: We will sell it for you again for about what you paid for it and take a 25% commission.

OPTION TWO: Or, if you want to have the money now we will put 50% of what you paid for the gear last season into buying your new set of gear this season. 


Clear stock.

Sell bulk ex-rental.

Why? Because it is at the end of its life, sure it might be cheap, but it holds no value on or off the snow for anyone. We pay enough for a day’s riding, we may as well enjoy it.

We get asked all the time to clear stock for mountains, we always say no. If we get gear like that we turn it into furniture. Don’t waste your money, buy quality!

Price Guide

Adult second hand gear

Skis $250-$450
Snowboard $250-$450
Ski Boots $150-$250
Snowboard Boots $50-$150

*prices may be slightly less or more

Adult Accessories (New)

Gloves from $29.99
Poles from $39.99
Helmets from $109.99
Goggles from $69.99

Kids Second Hand Gear

Skis $195-$250
Snow Board $195-$250
Ski Boots $80-$150
Snowboard Boots $50-150

Kids Accessories (new)

Gloves from $19.99
Helmets from $119.99
Goggles from $29.99
Poles from 29.99

"This Has to be the coolest store in NZ, they really know what they are talking about. One of the best shopping experiences ever!"

− Jeremy Young, Satisfied Customer

"This is our third year in the programme with our family and it is so easy exchanging our gear each season, thanks."

− Kelly Jamieson, Satisfied Customer

"Thanks guys for all your help, the family love their gear and had a blast in your store. We will be back next season!"

− Eric Kaufmann, Satisfied Customer