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Island // The Atom

The one board quiver for any conditions ranging in the 1-5ft size. Plenty of volume under your chest and at the front of the board, making paddling a dream and catching waves a breeze! Mid way down the board and through the tail has been pulled in and shortened up, helping to keep the fins loose and give you the most maneuverability and pivot without sacrificing speed and down the line hold. Generous amount of entry rocker to assist with late take offs and keep the board in the curvature of the wave, flat through the middle of the board for instant speed and rail hold with minimal exit rocker.

Rocky Point // Funster Mini Mal

The perfect blend of length, thickness and width to give you a very good board to learn to surf on, or just to increase your wave count. Thruster fins, the most common form of fin set ups gives you drive and maneuverability but keeps the board manageable under foot.

Coastlines // The Classic Longboard

A retro take on a modern longboard! Wooden block nose and tail, 3 stringer and polished. Whether you’re getting into surfing or a seasoned veteran, our classic longboard will bring out the best in your small wave surfing. Hand shaped from a PU blank with 8 ounce glassing top and bottom. Single fin box with 2 stabiliser fin boxes means you can surf it like they would have in the 70’s or add the stabilisers for more speed and control.

Paddle Boards

Molokai // Inflatable Standup Paddle Board Package

The Molokai iSUP allows you to do all the things you love on a hard top SUP, but with added portability and easy storage.

Perfect for Beginner and Intermediate paddlers, this board is easy & fun to ride whilst having enough volume to hold someone up to 105kg! It comes full kitted out with a Backpack, Paddle, 2 way Pressure Pump, Fins and Repair Kit. Made with the same quality materials and even at the same factory as many of the leading brands. Because we forgo unnecessary costs such as over marketing, middlemen, over branding, surfer endorsements and large mark-ups, it allows our products to reflect our Goal.


Random // Bamboo Pintail

The ultimate summer cruiser board! Designed to be a smooth, effortless ride these boards make getting around town or heading down to the beach a breeze. A comfortable ride means you maximize your pushing power, but don’t get caught up in cracks and bumps on the road. Constructed from half bamboo, half Canadian maple ply you know it’ll be light and easy to control yet strong and sturdy.

Cruiser Bikes – Schwinn

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