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The X-Ten Christmas Wish List 2015

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Christmas in NZ, to the confusion of all Northern Hemisphere dwellers, is all about getting out and having some fun in the sun. It’s no secret that Kiwis love the outdoors, however it isn’t always so easy to find the perfect Christmas present for your fun loving loved ones, so we’re here to help. For any budget, this is what’s on our Christmas wish list this year…

Schwinn Cruisers

Schwinn Cruisers – From $399.99

These are fresh in store just in time for Christmas. What better way to spend the lazy summer months than cruising to the beach or to Sunday brunch on one of these bad boys? You’ll won’t be able to help yourself; you’ll end up buying one for you too, so you can join in on the fun.  These are flying out the door, so get in quick!

Platino Surf Boards

Platino Surf Boards – From $319.99

Got a grommie wanting to learn to surf this summer? Well then, you should probably sign them up for our Summer Academy… And you should definitely buy them a Platino surf board. With over forty years experience, Platino is an NZ brand who make foam boards for learners all over the world, so you know they’re good. Being foam, they’re light weight which means catching waves is a breeze, and they’re less likely to hurt you when you wipe out!

Body boards from $94.99 and surf boards from $319.99

Melon Goggles

Melon Googles – $199.99

A gift for the fussy rider. Melon are unique in that you get to custom build them! Pick your own strap, frame and lenses. And if you do get it wrong they can just come back and swap them for the colours they like (as long as they haven’t used them already). With high quality Zeiss lenses with options for any condition, and multiple colour combos, this is what we put our team riders in, and they love em.

Frame + strap + 1 lens = $199.99 (Extra lens $40 with purchase)

X-Ten Collective Clothing

X-Ten/Bandit Hoodie or tee – From $49.99

At X-Ten we’re all about riding hard, and having fun: And looking good while we do it. Which is why we teamed up with Bandit to bring you our colab clothing range. Being high quality and hard wearing, these are super popular with our riders. Grab a hoodie for those early morning surf sessions, (and then for those warmer days up the mountain), or a tee or tank if you wanna feel a bit more breezy.

Hoodies $89.99 (Team price $69.99) Tees and tanks $49.99

Bandit Facemask

Bandit Facemasks -$39.99

For the trend setting snow addict. Bandit are locally made, so not only are you buying your loved one an awesome and useful pressie for the upcoming season, but you’re supporting local business! Double win. These come in two styles, The Bandana: fleece lined with your choice of awesome fashion prints, or The Ninja Mask: Clean and simple in black merino (grab one in our custom Snow Xchange design).

X-Ten Gym

Intro Session in the X-Ten Gym – $30

Got a friend who’s had great intentions of training with us this year but just never got around to it? Give them the nudge they need and buy them an intro session to our gym (which BTW is compulsory to do before they can use our facilities). If they want to see some results on the snow this season, now is the time for them to start training! No only will they learn something but they’ll have an awesome time too! If you really want to step it up buy them a ten session drop in concession card for $100

Skinnies Sun Screen

Skinnies Sunscreen – From $18.99

Want to be the practical gift giver, but don’t want to be cliche and give away socks? (actually we have some lovely ski socks that would also make a great gift too!). Then go for some Skinnies! you only need a pea sized amount of this stuff to cover your whole face, you’ll use five times less than standard sunscreen. Water proof for up to four hours and doesn’t freeze at low temperatures, so it’s perfect for all the snow bunnies in your life! Coming in 35ml + 100ml tubes they’re the perfect stocking stuffer.

X-Ten Stickers

Stickers – From $2

Everyone from five to 35 seems to love stickers. They’re great for covering up that pink butterfly design on your sons’ second hand skis that he’s been complaining about for the last season, to give your worn out gear a revamp and your new killer gear a bit more pop, or to rep your fave brands (like us!) on your skate deck, helmet, laptop, car etc…. Cheap as chips, these should be in all your stockings this year. We’ve got a variety of sizes in our vinyl cut X-Ten Stickers, some bad ass Bandit stickers, and a range of other brands too. We’ve even organised them into sport specific sticker packs if you don’t want to think about it. From $2

Gift Cards

Been wanting to get your loved one some killer hardware but not sure what they’ll want? Easy, we do gift cards, so pop in and grab one, then bring them back in the new year to get kitted out in our new season winter stock. If you still want something to wrap up, pair it with a Bandit or some Skinnies.

Melon Goggles

Product of The Week: Melon Goggles

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Here at X-Ten we’re always on the look out for great new products to have in store that will really benefit you; our customers, and our riders. We work closely with our brands to find the perfect product for the right purpose, and it’s really important to us that we get it right, so we were stoked when we discovered Melon, and saw great potential in them for this season.

Melon Optics started with a group of friends shredding up the Indonesian surf dreaming up sunglass designs. But that wasn’t enough, and so soon enough they were producing goggles as well.

Melon has some impressive specs; fleece lined triple density foam, super flexible frame, and dual layered hardened anti scratch coated Ziess lens with 100% UV 400 protection.

All fantastic features, but the defining difference of Melon is that they’re fully customisable! You choose your colour and style of frame, strap and lenses. They’ve got a very comprehensive range of lenses to suit your needs and preferences; Made for both blue bird and white out, Melon have constructed a perfect line of goggles you’re going to want, especially now that you know they can always match the rest of your gear with their on trend colours.

Most of our team are already riding in them, and totally loving them! So, come in store and mix and match today!

Or maybe you’ve already got a pair of our Melons? What do you think? Let us know!

Melon Goggles
Melon Goggles
Roxa Ski Boots

ROXA Chameleon – The Kids Boot That Grows!

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At X-Ten Collective we do things a little differently, which means that the products we sell in our store are often a little different from what you might see in other snow sport stores around New Zealand. We stand by all the products we sell, and want you to have faith in them too. For ski boots we look no further than Roxa, who are an Italian company who design and produce quality ski boots. They’ve been tested and proven to withstand a dynamic and competitive use, on and international level, but also with our team and customers over the last four seasons that we’ve been stocking them.

In 1980 four brothers decided to start assembling ski boots on behalf of the main ski bands in their area at the time such as Scarpa, Nordica etc. As their success of working in a small workroom in Asolo, Italy, increased so did the demand for ski-boots which in turn led to an agreement in 2000 to design and produce ski-boots for sporting company, Kneissl. For the next three years this agreement remained in place until the brothers decided to develop a new series of moulds for ski boots, and so they started a new collection with their own ROXA brand.

Today, Roxa is one of the leading in the ski boot sector and this has all been made possible thanks to long experience, passion for work, continuous ambition towards improvement and the precious collaboration with the world champion Marc Cirardell. Since 2003 Roxa has become the image of perfection, high performance and reliability or more simply the symbol of made in Italy.

As a collective, we know and trust Roxa as a reliable ski boot brand. Within the four season we have been collaborating with them, their reputation has never faulted and their quality/ service has never seised to amaze us. Not one warrant claim has been made within the time we have been working together which further proves to us and our customers they are reliable and live up to their high standard they have set for themselves. To give you an idea of the extent our faith reaches in the company Roxa, We have put our entire ski team, who compete at a national level, in high performance Roxa boots. To us they are the best boot we can provide as a company and have the best performance for money ratio on the market.

Roxa Chameleon

Got kids who just won’t stop growing out out their ski gear? Then you’re going to love Roxa!

Enter the Roxa Chameleon. What do the cutest lizards known to man kind have to do with my childs’ ever growing feet you ask? Well, this junior boot can change sizes as fast a chameleon changes its’ colours and is designed for the growth and comfort of your child. It will re-adjust in a click of the fingers to match the growth of your little one. Both the length and buckles adjust to the growth in the foot and lower leg keeping the support a regular boot would possess whilst always remaining a snug and comfortable fit. When cramming a foot in a boot too small becomes too much of a struggle, just remove the two screws and simply slide the toe box forward giving the wearer another two and a half full sizes of space just like that! So hopefully, if timed right, throughout the young skiing years of your child, you will only have to buy two pairs of boot. The first pair has a size range between 18-21.5 and the second pair between 22-25.5. Its’ easy entry makes it perfect to slip in and out with no fuss and the fluffy warm inner even more cozy for a nice enjoyable day up the mountain.

The Chameleon come it two sizes;

Chameleon 2: sizes 18-21.5 = $229.99

Chameleon 3: sizes 22-25.5 = $249.99

As well as these we also stock a fantastic range of Roxa boots for adults. So pop into Snow Xchange today to suss out some boots for you or your kids for this killer season!

Roxa Ski boots